The most touching wedding on the planet: the bride is 4 years old, and the groom is 30
The baby in the photo is named Abby. Almost immediately after birth, doctors diagnosed her with a complex form of leukemia. Almost all 4 years of her life
3 Ways To Break Free From Materialism
By Steven Bancarz| From the moment we are born, we are indoctrinated by our parents, our school system, the media to think that success is defined by material gain.
Video captures toddler having an adorable ‘conversation’ with her grandmother
As the video begins, we can see the two main stars of this video: an older woman and a young girl. The older woman—also known as “bisnonna”—is the little
Johnny Carson with Don Rickles, Dom DeLuise and Glen Campbell is nostalgic gold
‘The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’ welcomed three superstars: Don Rickles, Dom Deluise, and Glen Campbell. These three stars created an exciting and
The woman adopted two children with a difference of a year, but it turned out that they were brother and sister
Miss Page adopted a boy, and a year later a girl, it’s wonderful that these two children are real sister and brother. This woman decided to change completely
Trophy hunter “pays $110k” to kill rare mountain goat, then poses for photos
No matter how many appalling cases seem to make the headlines, there appears no end in sight to the number of people willing to shoot – and then pose with
Only for geniuses: Can you find the boy hiding among the girls?
Solving different puzzles is a big part of my life. I think it’s a perfect way to relax and pass the time! It may sound strange that you relax by concentrating
Mind blowing marching band routine involves trombones, extreme timing, and some close calls
It is always enjoyable to see an innovative marching band performance. The movements and formations that are created by a talented band have become a spectacle
Maternity Photo Shoot Of A Dachshund With Her Newborn Sausages
Maternity Photo Shoot Of A Dachshund With Her Newborn Sausages Just when you thought maternity photo shoots couldn’t get any more adorable, this sausage
An 11-Hour Surgery Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins “Locked In An Embrace”
A month after the surgery, Sarabeth and Amelia are thriving and are healthy and happy on their own. Phil and Alyson Irwin, already parents of daughter